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For the LOVE of your dog- a MUST know

07/6/23  |  Maria Cunneen

Harness vs collar & leash

Yes! You CAN save your little dog's life by changing to a harness.

Too many times, I have heard a small dog's hoarse, quacking, wheezing like sound, especially when they get excited.

Too many owners DO NOT know that the use of a collar could be the cause of this scary, alerting sound.


Please, read here, to learn what a collapse of the trachea is and how you can save your dog's life by switching to a harness rather than the collar that compresses their trachea. Common in toy, lap and small dogs, the trachea is prone to such collapse. You can hear it loudly. PLEASE, please, retrain yourself and your dog to a harness instead of the collar.

For the love of your dog!


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