Get Rid of Buyer Hesitation Once and For All

11/15/22  |  Maria Cunneen

Buyers need to trust the process, and sellers, when searching for a home.

Sellers are under a great deal of pressure when the time arrives to put their house on the market. There is the home preparation, packing of personal belongings, and waiting to get the best offer. These tasks are often overwhelming for the seller. The seller’s agent will guide them through staging their home and fine-tuning details that will matter to buyers. Once the home is finally listed, other agents and their potential buyers will begin showing up to determine if this is their next home.

Some buyers will immediately know this house is perfect for them and rush to put in an offer. Others will walk away and continue their search. Then there are a group of buyers who just are not sure. They may like the house and the location it is in, but details are holding them back from making an offer. This hesitation could cause them to lose the home as an option, as other buyers will quickly have their proposal in front of the seller. In a market that is beginning to cool off a bit, these hesitant buyers may bring a solid offer to the table if you can nudge them in that direction. How do you give them that nudge (or sometimes push)?

Allow the buyers to talk while you listen

Successful sales of a product, like a home, require you to have phenomenal listening skills. Listening is not a trait that comes easily to many, but when you have this ability, you will find people reveal more about themselves. As someone selling their home, or their representative agent, listening to buyer feedback will give you the insight to adjust as needed. Ask open-ended questions and allow the buyer to speak freely without interruption. Many people have a difficult time not responding to a negative remark, but this will deter the buyer from giving honest feedback. Compiling feedback from buyers will provide you with crucial information to make adjustments if needed. The hesitant buyer may feel more comfortable moving forward if they can talk through what they did not like about the home and feel their concerns are being heard.

Honesty is the best policy

This phrase is so important in gaining buyers' trust. No one wants to buy a home only to find out later they were given half-truths or incorrect information leading to additional money being poured into the investment. Buyers are sometimes hesitant if something just does not feel right to them. Creating an open and honest business relationship will remove any room for doubt in both the seller and the home. There is likely hesitation in moving on to the next step when there are doubts. Establishing a policy of honesty from the start will allow buyers to build trust quickly.

A buyer walks through the home you are selling and expresses they loved everything about it, but you do not receive an offer. Why? Were they just being “nice” when they said they loved the home? That could be true, or perhaps there was a small detail holding them back. While that detail may seem minor to you, it is large enough for them to withhold an offer. Creating an honesty policy from the beginning will allow buyers to remove niceties and give honest information about their needs and wants.

Compromises allow both parties to be successful

There are areas in a real estate deal that are often open for negotiation. Negotiation requires a compromise between the seller and the buyer for a successful transaction. Buyers hesitate to close the contract if a topic is essential to them.

  • Physical items in the home — Does the home you are selling have a fantastic inground pool? Is there expensive and beautiful outdoor furniture around it? Many Remsenburg single-family homes for sale are spectacular, and buyers may want to keep the look you have already achieved. They may ask to have some of the furniture included in the deal. Listen to these requests and make adjustments as needed.

  • Closing date — You, as the seller, may need extra time to pack up your belongings and request a more extended closing period. The buyer may be in a rush to make the move before their children begin the school year. Showing flexibility on this date may give the buyer what they need to sign the contract.

  • Home inspection problems — Home inspections can be tough on sellers. Some home inspectors dive into the details of a home to find potential problems. Buyers can easily get hung up on the findings of these reports. When the inspection report is delivered, review it in detail and prepare to make fixes or adjustments where needed. Losing a buyer who is hesitant over the inspection will cost you both time and money to begin again.

Follow up, but do not rush the process

A real estate purchase is a significant investment for most buyers. Home buyers often have high expectations that are quickly reset once they begin the search for their new home. It takes time for buyers to review any expectations they may have had of the house that were not delivered. If there is a buyer who expresses interest, but you do not receive an offer, follow up with them or their agent. Allow them to process their walkthrough and, if needed, allow them to see the home again. As the real estate market adjusts to the post-pandemic world, buyers will likely take more time to make such a significant decision.

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Purchasing a home is a significant life change for anyone. Buyers want to ensure they put their money and life in the best possible position. Listening to their needs while giving them the time necessary to process will provide them with the tools needed to make the best decision for them. If you are selling Quogue, NY, real estate and need some assistance, the Maria Cunneen team is ready to address any buyer hesitancy concerns.

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