Got water... mold or need for spring cleaning? King of Steam to the rescue!

02/12/24  |  Maria Cunneen

Area recommendation only too happy to promote

Whether you have water that creeped into your basement, mold that appeared out of nowhere or need to have your

 carpets or furniture steam cleaned, these guys are just great! This company was invaluable during recent rain storm that hit the island in January. They have an incredible record for being there immediately when a flood or water leak happens.  From grout steam cleaning, (which I didn't even know was possible and restored my kitchen flooring back to new) to drying a damp area out, these guys are just invaluable. Learn more here.


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Maria's genuinely caring nature, engaging personality and abundant patience are keys to her success in working so well with her customers and clients. She is extremely loyal in her dealings, and knowledgeable of her market having lived on the South Shore of Long Island her entire life.

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