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Maria Cunneen’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Remsenburg

05/5/23  |  Maria Cunneen

Learn how to sell your home in this hidden Hamptons gem.

Often overlooked as part of the Hamptons, Remsenburg real estate is finally starting to get the attention it deserves. Situated in Western Southampton, it offers an easy journey from New York City without having to endure too much traffic compared to other locations in the Hamptons. Remsenburg is absent of stoplights and abounds in tranquility.
A much-admired gem amongst older generations, this quaint community has recently seen an influx of young families due to local schools. Sellers thinking that selling their homes on this waterfront location will be easy aren't wrong, and this guide will certainly speed up the process.

Hire a real estate broker with experience

When selling a luxury home, it's of the utmost importance that people work with an experienced real estate broker who is well-versed in navigating the luxury property market. Everyone has their specialties when it comes to real estate, so make sure your agent understands the complexities of pricing and advertising for high-end homes.
When sellers bring an expert onto their team, they can be confident that their house will sell quickly and at its full value.
To locate the highest-performing real estate broker for one's needs, sellers should begin by looking in their immediate network. If they know anyone who has sold a high-end home in Remsenburg or neighboring towns like Eastport, request recommendations — even if that agent isn't right for them, an agent might be able to suggest someone else who could suitably meet the criteria.
In case networking turns out to be a lackluster search tool, sellers can narrow down the choices only to luxury property groups and assess their sale portfolios and reviews from past customers.

Use professional staging services

Selling a home is an intricate process, and one of the most crucial components is preparing it for potential buyers. It's especially pertinent in luxury residential markets, as these homes are often designed to meet specific preferences.
Although a house doesn't have to be stripped of any decor so that someone else can turn it into their own dream space, potential buyers should be able to envision themselves living there without being distracted or filled with anxiety due to excessive personal touches. Staging the property professionally creates just enough room for them to do just that.
When selling a home, it can be quite an intimidating task to stage it properly. That's why hiring an experienced stager is well worth the investment — they help guide sellers through the entire process and find ways to showcase its most impressive features. With their expertise, buyers will walk away with an unforgettable impression of a property that encourages them to make an offer.

List Remsenburg real estate at the right price

Accurately pricing a luxury home can be both difficult and delicate. Set the cost too high, and sellers run the risk of allowing their homes to sit on the market for an excessive amount of time; set it too low, however, and they end up selling for much less than the value of their home. It's essential to ensure that a seller and their broker identify an equitable price for a Remsenburg home that accurately reflects its worth without scaring away potential buyers.
The objective is to remain competitive while maximizing the return on investment of the property. That's why it's essential to employ a knowledgeable luxury homes real estate agent who understands proper market pricing. Together, the seller and agent work together toward achieving success in selling a luxury, one-of-a-kind home.

Invest in a lot of high-quality photos

In the real estate market, photos taken on an iPhone won't be sufficient to sell a house, and they certainly aren't sufficient to sell Remsenburg homes. To attract potential buyers to your house, invest in top-notch photography, and plenty of it. Your real estate broker can recommend a professional photographer who will get the job done properly and manage the entire process for optimum results.
To add more appeal to a listing, include videos and a virtual property tour. Aerial shots from drones can also be used to capture everything around the lot and give potential buyers an all-encompassing view without having to come out in person.
An abundance of images is especially essential when aiming for foreign buyers who make up much of the luxury buying market but cannot always inspect a home first-hand.

Use an appointment-only model for open houses

Selling a luxury property requires an aura of exclusivity, and one way to do this is by replacing public open houses with private viewings available only upon appointment. A benefit of this model is limiting the number of people who tour a home just to see the interior without any intention of buying.
With a restricted buyer pool, the number of viewings may be limited, and that's okay. In luxury home sales, the focus should be on inviting the correct buyers rather than getting as many people as possible through the doors.

Build an effective marketing strategy

Selling luxury Remsenburg homes isn't as simple as putting up a yard sign and sharing the MLS listing on Facebook. Luxury buyers aren't looking in standard places, so focusing marketing efforts there won't yield great results. If you want to sell at an ideal list price, be prepared to invest in high-quality printed materials, professional staging, and photography.
For successful marketing and sales, sellers must ensure their house has a unique identity. Sellers don't have to go overboard with the way they talk about their homes but should ensure that all of their promotional materials share one focused message. Invest in an individual logo for the property or come up with a catchy slogan — this brand identity doesn't need to be obvious, yet it should form the foundation of any selling strategy. Your experienced broker will be invaluable in assisting with the marketing.

Start your road to selling

To be successful at selling a luxury property, you must find the perfect balance between your own wishes and those of potential buyers. Although luck may have something to do with it, having a strong foundational strategy is key. With this in mind, you can increase your chances of making that sale promptly. If you're ready to sell your Remsenburg real estate today, contact Maria Cunneen to get started.

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