Stranded Sea Turtles | Be informed!

08/30/23  |  Maria Cunneen

What you need to know in trying to help

What to know about stranded sea turtles...know before helping

A stranded animal refers to any creature that comes ashore in a helpless position, whether it is alive or deceased. Animals that are sick, injured, or lost may become stranded on beaches or in waterways in which they are unable to free themselves. Stranding is commonly associated with animals that are still alive, while beaching refers to animals that are already deceased. However, stranding does encompass both alive and deceased animals.  Be aware that seals, in particular, may “haul out” on a beach or rocks to rest, and their presence does not necessary represent a stranding.

To report a stranding, please call the 24-hour hotline immediately at (631) 369-9829. Please provide the location, details, and your contact information so that our trained biologists and staff may assist.

To report a sighting by email, click here. Photos and video are greatly appreciated, but please do not take risks that may endanger your safety or that of the stranded animal.


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