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The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

06/14/23  |  Maria Cunneen

Why timing matters in the home selling process.

When it comes to selling your home, timing is everything. One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the day of the week to list your Westhampton home for sale. While it may seem like a minor detail, the day you choose can have a significant impact on the success of your sale. Certain days of the week have been shown to be more effective for attracting potential buyers and generating offers, while others are associated with lower buyer activity and interest. Check out Maria Cunneen’s list of the best and worst days to list your home for sale.

Best days to list a home

1. Thursday

According to recent data, Thursday is the best day of the week to list a home for sale. One of the main reasons for this is that it provides potential buyers with enough time to plan their weekend around home showings while also keeping the listing fresh in their minds throughout the week. By listing a home on Thursday, buyers have the opportunity to schedule a showing over the weekend when they have more free time, which can increase the chances of receiving multiple offers and a quicker sale.

2. Friday

Friday can be a good day of the week to list a home for sale, especially if the property is located in an area with a strong weekend market. This is because potential buyers who are actively searching for a new home may be more likely to spend time browsing listings on Friday in anticipation of weekend showings. Additionally, people who work from home or have flexible schedules may have more availability on Fridays to attend showings or schedule appointments with their real estate agent.

3. Sunday

While Sunday is not typically a popular day for showings, it is still a great day to list a home. By listing the home on Sunday, potential buyers who have attended weekend open houses and are still actively looking for a property may come across the new listing while continuing their search. Additionally, some buyers may use Sunday as a day to catch up on their online home search and may be more likely to come across the listing if it is newly posted. Another advantage of listing a home on Sunday is that it gives buyers a chance to coordinate with their agent and schedule a showing for the following week, allowing them to plan their schedule accordingly.

Worst days to list a home

1. Monday

Monday is generally considered the worst day of the week to list a home. This is because potential buyers are often busy with work and may not have time to view Westhampton real estate during the week. Additionally, if a home is listed on Monday, it may not have enough time to gain momentum before the weekend, which is typically when most buyers have more time to search for properties and attend showings. This can result in the home sitting on the market for a longer period of time, which can lead to lower offers and a lower final sale price. For these reasons, it's generally recommended that sellers avoid listing their home on a Monday, and instead focus on listing later in the week when there is more buyer activity and interest in the market.

2. Tuesday

Tuesday is also not an ideal day to list a home, as it falls in the middle of the work week and potential buyers may be busy with work and other weekday obligations, making it difficult for them to attend showings or even find the time to browse online listings. Also, homes that are listed on Tuesday may get lost in the shuffle as more and more new listings are added throughout the week. Listing a home too early in the week can also cause potential buyers to forget about it by the time the weekend rolls around, or they may have already committed to viewing other properties.

3. Wednesday

While Wednesday is not as bad as Monday or Tuesday, it is still not an ideal day to list a home. Like Tuesday, potential buyers may be busy with work and weekday obligations, leaving them with limited time to search for properties or attend showings. Additionally, if a home is listed on Wednesday, it may not have enough time to gain traction before the weekend, which is when most buyers are likely to schedule showings. Another consideration is that Wednesday falls in the middle of the week, which can make it difficult for a new listing to stand out among other recent listings. That being said, if a seller needs to list their home as soon as possible, Wednesday may still be a viable option.

Best and worst seasons

While the day of the week that you list your home can have an impact on its success, there are other factors to consider when timing your home sale such as the season. In the spring and early summer, there tend to be more buyers on the market, as families with children often prefer to move during the summer months so as not to disrupt the school year. Additionally, the warmer weather can make it more pleasant for potential buyers to attend open houses and viewings for Westhampton real estate.

This increased demand can result in a higher sale price and a faster sale. On the other hand, listing your home during the winter months can be challenging. Not only are there typically fewer buyers on the market, but the colder weather and shorter days can make it more difficult to showcase your home's exterior and natural lighting. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if you live in a popular winter vacation destination, such as a ski town, you may actually see an increase in buyers during the winter months.

Are you looking to list your home for sale?

Timing can be a crucial factor in selling a home quickly and at the best possible price. Choosing the right time to list your home for sale can have a significant impact on its success in the market. Ultimately, working with an experienced real estate agent who understands the local market and can help you strategically time your listing can be the key to achieving a successful sale at the best possible price. If you are interested in listing your home or learning more about Westhampton real estate, contact realtor Maria Cunneen for more expertise!

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