Why It Helps to Work with the Same Realtor When Buying & Selling

11/8/22  |  Maria Cunneen

Build a longstanding relationship with one broker for greater success.

Building a new relationship of any sort is a long process, and there are often many bumps along the way. It takes time to learn how to communicate and to build trust with one another. In personal and professional relationships, the connection is always deeper if you have been together for some time.

You are in the process of selling your existing home and searching for a new one. Your home is the place you feel most comfortable and safe. It is where you build your family, whatever that may look like to you, and a place that makes you feel connected. You do not want to risk an outcome that does not continue giving you all those things. Developing a trusting relationship with a real estate agent will put the right tools in place for a successful transaction, and sometimes even two transactions.

When you have decided to sell your home, one of the first steps is to find an agent to guide you through the process. Of course, selling your home means you will also need to find a new place to live. You may be downsizing or making a move to a larger home to give you extra space. Westhampton beach homes for sale may be your next step. You need to find an agent to get things going. People sometimes are unsure if they could use the same agent to sell their existing home and buy a new one. The answer is yes, and here are a few reasons why this is a good plan.

There is only one relationship to develop

As we briefly discussed above, relationships take time to develop. Simple things like communication style will impact the professional relationship you are building. You may love technology and never want to speak to someone via telephone. Finding a realtor who matches your style is crucial to starting a successful relationship. Throughout the buying and selling process, you will build trust in them. The skills they bring that add value to you will also become apparent. What things help you build trust and confidence in their abilities?

  • Understanding your goals from the transaction(s)
  • Intimate knowledge of the local market
  • Timeliness and efficiency of communication
  • Having the right connections to get things done
  • Understanding financial and legal issues at a high level
Once you have confidence in your realtor, it is extremely beneficial to keep consistency as you begin the buying process. If you begin working with another realtor, you will need to develop communication and trust from the beginning. In today’s market, this delay could cause you to miss an opportunity to find your next home.

You will save significant time

If you are selling your home, chances are you have already had in-depth discussions with your realtor. You have chatted about why you are moving and where you plan to go. They understand why you are selling and the amenities you would like in your new home. The details of these conversations give your realtor good clues as to what you want in your next home. They will pick up on the fact your bathroom does not have a soaking tub, or there is no dedicated space to work from home. This will help them begin the search for available Westhampton beach homes for sale, or homes in nearby, delightful hamlets like Quogue and Remsenburg. Why go through all of this with another person? This time could be used to start the packing process or simply enjoy time with friends and family as you begin planning for your future.

Details will not get lost in translation

Poor communication can wreak havoc on a business deal. When you have multiple people to communicate with, the process becomes convoluted, and it is easy to relay incorrect information. The fewer people you need to communicate with, the better chance of the correct information getting out to the necessary individuals.

Using the same realtor allows you to view homes for sale in Quogue, NY, with an additional perspective without losing any of the details. Your realtor will know your existing home and will provide feedback comparing any new homes you view. They will also already understand your budget, desired location, and family lifestyle. These details matter when you are relocating. You will have a lot happening in your life as you make this transition. It is common to forget a fact when repeating it to multiple people. Having just one person to express your needs to will limit the details important to you from getting left behind.

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There are many benefits to using a single real estate agent when selling your home and buying a new one. You will save time, have improved communication, and the details that matter to you will not be forgotten. Once you locate a realtor who you trust and who communicates well with you, the process will be less stressful. When you begin searching for the right agent for you, work with Maria and The Cunneen Team.

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